Yanni - Voices

Yanni Voices is the 14th studio album and 5th live DVD by Yanni. It was released in 2009.

This was Yanni's first studio release in six years. In collaboration with producer Ric Wake, Yanni showcased vocal artists singing to his classic songs, blending fresh interpretations of vintage Yanni tracks with newly written material. It also introduces the four new vocalists at the center of the project: Leslie Mills, Chloe Lowery, Nathan Pacheco, and Ender Thomas.

Disney Pearl Imprint released Yanni Voices and its Buena Vista Concerts division produced an extensive tour that began in April 2009. The tour kicked off with a special concert filmed Live at The Forum (Mundo Imperial) in Acapulco Mexico. This concert is the subject of a television special that aired in March 2009 on PBS.

Yanni Voces features a collection of Spanish duets with Latin recording artists and the new vocalists of Yanni Voices. Special guest performers included Lucero, Cristian Castro and José José.


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