Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever

Bridge Across Forever is the second studio album of progressive rock supergroup Transatlantic, released in 2001. For this album, the band attempted to balance each member's contributions more equally, because of criticisms that their first album, SMPT:e, was too dominated by the style of vocalist Neal Morse. Like their first album, Bridge Across Forever was well received by critics and progressive rock fans, though it had little mainstream popularity. While it is not a concept album, all the lengthy epics share at least one movement with another.

"Suite Charlotte Pike" ends with a fade-out, however, the ending jam is found after "Stranger In Your Soul", which actually ends at 26:04. At 27:24, there is a hidden track; a continuation of the final section of "Suite Charlotte Pike", picking up where it faded out, followed by various sound effects similar to those found at the end of "Duel With The Devil".


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