TesseracT - Perspective

Perspective is the second EP by British progressive metal band Tesseract, released on 21 May 2012. The EP is not a metal record, instead it consists of new renditions of four songs from One: a newly edited version of "Eden" called "Eden 2.0" and acoustic versions of the songs "Perfection," "April," and "Origin." It also includes a cover of Jeff Buckley's "Dream Brother". It is the band's first and only release with vocalist Elliot Coleman, who left the band in June 2012, mere weeks after the release of Perspective.

The cover is very similar to that of the band's album One, but, whereas the tesseract on the cover of that album is grey, the tesseract on Perspective is blue and "sparkly."

The EP has a special edition on iTunes where there is an instrumental version of each song.


The plugin used relies heavily on HTML5 for mp3 playback and so far I get acceptable results only when using Google Chrome. I hope licensing issues will be solved for Mozilla Firefox someday.

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