Steven Wilson - Insurgentes

Insurgentes is the title of the first full-length solo album released by British musician and record producer Steven Wilson, known for being the founder and frontman of progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. The album was recorded all over the world in studios from Mexico City to Japan and Israel, between January and August 2008, and released in November 2008 as a special deluxe multi disc mail order version, with retail release to follow in February 2009. According to Wilson himself, the album contained "the most experimental song-based music [he had] made." The album is named after the Avenida de los Insurgentes, the longest avenue in Mexico City near which part of it was recorded.

On 16 July 2008, a photograph showing Steven Wilson in the central sculpture of the Espacio Escultórico (Spanish for Sculptural Space) of UNAM's Ciudad Universitaria —located nearby the Avenida de los Insurgentes—, with a cloudy sky background and the phrase «STEVEN WILSON - INSURGENTES ...COMING SOON...» appeared in the main page at Steven Wilson's official site.

On 6 August, a trailer video was posted to Steven Wilson and Lasse Hoile's respective MySpace pages, and to Lasse Hoile's YouTube page; since 8 August, also in Wilson's webpage. The song featured in the trailer is the first song of the album, "Harmony Korine". Lasse Hoile has been collaborating as a visual and video director for Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, Opeth, Dream Theater and more recently The Pineapple Thief. The trailer belongs to a documentary of the same name he directed that accompanies the album.

Steven Wilson mentions post-punk and shoegaze music as a major influence for the album, citing bands like Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine, and The Cure. He says the album is also very noise and drone-oriented.


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