OSI - Free

Matheos and Moore did not plan to make a second OSI album, and returned to their own projects after the first album's completion. In 2005, they both had free schedules, so decided to produce a follow-up album. Joey Vera (also of Fates Warning) played bass on the album. Portnoy originally told Matheos and Moore that he did not want to perform drums on the album, but was persuaded to perform on the album as a session musician.

Free was released on April 24, 2006, receiving generally positive critical reception. Critics noted that the album was darker and more keyboard-focused than the band's debut. re:free, an EP featuring remixes of three tracks from Free, was released on October 24, 2006. The band were keen to tour in support of Free, but no live shows materialised. "The reality of it is in order to [tour] the way we would like... and present it the way we would want to present it... would cost too much money for the kind of fan base that we have right now," Matheos said in 2009. In 2010 he anticipated that OSI will "remain a studio band."


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