Jean Michel Jarre - Téo & Téa

Téo & Téa is a conceptual album by French composer and artist Jean Michel Jarre, published by Warner Music in late March 2007. The album was released in the U.S. three weeks later, on 16 April 2007. It is Jarre's thirteenth studio album.

The album tells, in musical form, a metaphorical love story of fictional cartoon characters Téo and Téa, two lookalike creatures (one male, one female) who meet, fall in love and spend one day together. They are seen in the computer-animated video clip accompanying the title track.

The album was launched, in physical form, as an edition containing just the CD and also as a "De Luxe Edition" containing the CD bundled with a DVD. The DVD features the same tracks mixed for 5.1 surround sound, as well as the video clip for the title track in high-definition, viewable on personal computers.

Téo & Téa is of a more simplistic and playful nature than Jarre's previous albums and, like 2000's Métamorphoses, is dance-oriented.

In an interview by French Trax magazine in 2010, Jean Michel Jarre said Téo & Téa had been a mistake in his career:

C'etait une erreur cet album, une connerie. Sur un plan personnel, j'avais plein de galères et je me suis amusé à jouer avec des samples, comme une récréation. Et on l'a sorti comme album. Mais quand je le réécoute aujourd'hui... Je l'assume, hein, il faut bien assumer ce qu'on fait, mais je ne le referais pas.
(This album was a mistake, a dumb thing to do. I had a lot of personal problems at the time, and I kept myself entertained playing with these samples. And then they were released as an album. But when I listen to the album today... well, one has to stand behind one's own work, I guess, but I really wouldn't do it again.)


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