Enya - The Celts

Enya was re-released with new packaging under the title The Celts in 1992. The album was remastered by Arun Chakraverty, who was also the mastering engineer of Enya's 1995 album The Memory of Trees. The album's cover and liner notes were laid out by graphic designer Sooky Choi, who was also the graphic designer for The Memory of Trees. The album cover photograph is by David Scheinmann.

On this version "Portrait" is renamed "Portrait (Out of the Blue)" in an extended version. This extended version was previously released in 1988 as "Out of the Blue", the B-side to the single "Orinoco Flow". Three other songs run slightly longer than on Enya: "The Celts" (track 1), "March of the Celts" (track 4), and "To Go Beyond (II)" (track 15).


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