Chroma Key - Music Meant to be Heard

Music Meant To Be Heard was the initial demo tape for Kevin Moore's work, published within certain Dream Theater fan clubs, and distributed by Kevin Moore himself. Very few copies of the original tapes exist. The tape was converted to CD at an unknown time, and is distributed as a CD-R in most bootleg distribution networks. All of the tape except for "Song For Eric" "Blanket" and "Space Dye Vest" would later be remastered and published on "This Is A Recording."

Tori Amos sings on "Song for Eric"

Normal words was renamed to "Hay Day. May Day. Help." for the 1999 album This is a Recording

The plugin used relies heavily on HTML5 for mp3 playback and so far I get acceptable results only when using Google Chrome. I hope licensing issues will be solved for Mozilla Firefox someday.

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Special thanks for the plug-in: Joseph Moore