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A.C.T is a Swedish progressive rock band formed in 1995 under the name "Fairyland", in Malmö. The band has been through several personnel changes; with the current line-up featuring Herman Saming (vocals), Ola Andersson (guitar), Peter Asp (bass), Jerry Sahlin (keyboards) and Thomas Lejon (drums).

Initially under Ola Andersson on guitars, Tomas Erlandsson on drums, Jens Appelgren on vocals and Jerry Sahlin on both keyboards and drums, Fairyland was started by members of a music school in Malmö. Amongst various line-up changes, Fairlyland changed its name into A.C.T in 1995. In 1996 A.C.T first came into the public eye when it made its way to the final of a Swedish music competition, although it did not win.

In 1997 a new demo was recorded and the band toured extensively in Sweden, eventually recording its debut album, "Today’s Report", released in 1999. Following the release of this album, A.C.T embarked on a Scandinavian tour with the progressive rock band Saga.

In 2001, the second album "Imaginary Friends" was recorded and the band appointed Graham Collins of AAUK as their manager, after which the band went on a European tour supporting Fish.

In 2003, A.C.T’s third album "Last Epic" was released, and the band went on a European tour with former Genesis singer Ray Wilson.

In 2006, A.C.T signed with the label InsideOut and returned with the album "Silence". InsideOut has subsequently re-released the first three albums as special editions, with bonus tracks and enhanced booklets. They are currently recording an as-yet-untitled fifth album.



Today's Report - 1999

Imaginary Friends - 2001

Last Epic - 2003

Silence - 2006

Circus Pandemonium - 2014


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